Oh,what a lovely day!
Where to begin..
I love our Tuesday to Wednesday over nights! These early week visits are just what the heart needs. It brings a feeling of participation,pro-activeness in my kids lives. Home work,interaction with the school,opportunities to talk about life situations,peer pressure,being respectful,problem solving,etc..
… Then I think to myself,I’m am a raging hypocrite! What do I know about problem solving. Hell I was drunk for 25 years. I know about peer pressure because I gave into it every chance I got.
I know about being respectful because it’s the polar opposite of how I treated people.
But,on top of everything else I’m ill equipped for,I’ll add teaching semantics to a 5&7 year old to the pile.That’s bigger territory than even this guy wants to touch,besides they’re so smart it they’d bash me over the head with them!
I love my kids,and it’s ok for them to find things out about me. Just not yet. So for now I listen add input if I can and be satisfied-ish that they are smart enough and in many cases brave enough to do what their hearts tell them is right. And no,that doesn’t include hitting each other with bricks because,” Daddy told us it was ok to do what our hearts told us to do”.
See what I mean?