Tracking devices again


So,it’s been about 4 years since the divorce.
But look what joined us on our long Labor Day Weekend?
A GPS tracking devise,and not the first time either..
I’d love to start a travelogue w/this thing,like the old Motel commercials with the Garden Gnome,but with the insanity of the court system I’d wind up with my head on a pike. Because it sure doesn’t seem to an issue with local law enforcement. Well,one man’s stalking is another man’s un-sanctioned electronic surveillance devise I suppose.
Stopped by the local PD for a nice cup of STFU,when I asked him about the legality of it all. He says it simply must be for the children’s safety.. Then what am I? Chopped Liver? Oh,that’s right,I’m only Mykidsdad!!
If the kids were abducted,you know,he says to me.. Right,if their Mom is tracking us,why would I worry about a stranger taking our kids?
But if you found the devise in your car it would be different,he says… It was in the car,in an overnight bag from their Moms..
And by the way,I thought minors didn’t have rights so aren’t mine being infringed upon? Oh,right,just mykidsdad..
He says its doubtful this kind of surveillance would ever cross the line into any sort of stalking… Really? How about if I put one in their bag when I dropped them off to her?
Did it ruin our weekend? Not even a hic-up,did I do anything entertaining like stash it a nudey bar? Nope.
Maybe under a chair at the emergency room? Uh uh,no,it just got left at our home,looming in the darkness like a Peeping Tom. An invisible odor of violating our sanctuary,the place where my kids sleep soundly,the place where my kids don’t wet their beds or have nightmares,the place where we eat at the table and not in front of the tv,the place where we laugh with each other and not at each other,our home,our love,our family.
Nice try Mommy. But you’re going to have do better than than that..
I’m not running,not now not ever.!
I will always be My Kids Dad,and our bond is stronger than Your disdain.
See you in court.