Thanks System

Does the sense of liberation and vindication exist?
Have I been so abused by the events,the debacles of these last years that I can ever feel safe again?
The system has robbed me of my freedom by locking me in a cell of doubt and fear.
Even if they,in their immaculate wisdom give me all that we deserve as a family,they can never replace the lost time. Restore my faith in humanity. Never regain my respect.
They have forfeited their sense of honor and integrity by choosing my kids Mom as some kind of moral parental barometer because she doesn’t have a penis.
Allowing my kids to be used as a bartering tool.
Putting price tags on my love and willingness to be their Dad.
Ha,my sperm dictated who’d be there Dad.
The System can’t mandate me to love my kids nor can it declare my kids shouldn’t love me.
But it runs to the aid of any one without a penis.
My little girl breaks my heart every time I hear her say,”no way! I’m never getting married”,” I’m never having kids,look what happened to you Daddy!”,wtf?! I didn’t encourage that,or solicit that,or wish that feeling on her.
Nice job System,made another convert.
Another trusting soul singing the praises of your effectiveness… She’s 7 years old… And you know,some days I can’t help but think,why not honey? After all you don’t have a penis. You don’t have to even be a good parent. You win by default…
Thanks system. Gratefully I have a well developed internal filter that prevents me from saying things like that out loud.
That attribute was partially developed through out this process too.
Although if you don’t have a penis you get to rage against your kids Dad in open court,fling baseless accusations and call every legal professional in the court room Crazy,and or Stupid,Blind,and unable to see how wonderful she is.Even offer to find them new jobs in an unrelated field.It’s public record,you’re welcome verify that..
But it’s ok,she’s just emotional..
I.e. no penis.
Moral of the story?…
S U C K A!! There are morals,ethics,or penises allowed!!