It seems as if I have another court date set for Oct 21st.. Bring it..
I use “it seems” because of how I found out our case was reopened at all.
I went to file my own motion for contempt/modify custody due to Her failure to comply/show cause for her actions,decisions in the last year plus.
Trust me there are plenty&the list keeps growing..
Document document document. You don’t have to threaten,or sling mud if dont want to,but document every thing.
Hell,She even records the exchanges when we pick up or drop off the kids.
She also records the conversations/ interrogations as they drive away.
Yes,really.. If she’s willing to hide tracking devices on the kids,that’s certainly not a stretch….
I’d never filed such a motion before and it was daunting,at least in my mind,it was. But it turned out to be very simple,and extremely enlightening..
… I approach the window,I receive forms,told to fill out said forms..
I the park of a very lovely day right out side of the court house.
…. I return forms,to a different clerk..
I’m told in order for me to file the forms w/out representation the case will have to be reopened and then it will cost 150$.
My clerk who was extremely helpful and kind in regard to my befuddlement offered to check my case number on record for good measure…
It appears as if my case Had been reopened and also that a certified letter had been mailed out 2 days before. The first I’d heard of this…
I have yet to receive the letter.. However experience has taught how how slow the wheels of bureaucracy turn. After a week I called the court house only to find that the letter had been filed by an attorney I’d never heard of,this is now #5 for her,and the address it was sent to had no unit number.
Now when I moved in 2 years ago I was mandated to supply all pertinent information regarding this new address and even had pictures,as She was not welcome to see it for Herself…
So I ask you,with all seriousness.. Was it an over sight on the part of a new and unfamiliar attorney? Or rather another rouse to muddy up the waters and to attempt further treachery?
Either is plausible,yet one is more likely..
I ask you,how many attorneys does it take to settle a custody dispute? And what happened to the others?
Why would such a person need a new attorney for every action?
Furthermore,when one has progressively gotten less and less of what they hope will occur,does one continue?
And,as I have received more and more with every proceeding,why am I still denied nothing short of shared custody?
Is the answer that the system has failed on every level and It’s just posturing to save face?


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  1. Nice description of a hard road to walk. Been there on a similar road that is. All you can do is stay strong, keep your beliefs and focus on the innocent kids. Keep them as isolated from the nastiness as you can. You have no controls when they are at the ex wife. Just focus on when they are with you. As they age they learn who is the loving person, the giver. The one who doesn’t bash, bad mouth and who is not a nasty person. When they are younger they have to adjust and may act different to keep the peace. It is not their fault but what happens when 2 people do not focus on keeping them out of it.

    Take care brother and be the best damn father you can be.


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