Never give up

Lets face it. Good Dads don’t grow on trees. We are raised by kind and loving parents such as mine. Or we weren’t which gave us the strength and willingness to be better Dads.
What our kids mothers put us through is inexcusable. What the System allows to continue is not only unjust but evil.
Evil,E-V-I-L.. Say it out loud,internalize it,there is no word as comprehensive as evil in regards to what we are put through..
No court has ever vilified a mother as often and as routinely as they do fathers.
“He must be some kind of animal not to love that sweet precious woman”.. Ha!
So not true.. What kind of animal would subject themselves to such pain and misery to be a Dad to kids who’s mother is a vindictive self entitled bitch?
The lies,the false accusations,damaged reputations,down caste by society..
What greater love can there be?
I’m mykidsdad and I’m not going anywhere. If I haven’t proven that yet,don’t you doubt for one second that I will. My kids know it,the people who matter to me know it,and by God before this is done you’ll know it too!
I’m a loving and caring father,a loving and caring husband to a wonderful wife,a woman I deserve to be happy with,who trusts me with her love and the lives and well being if her kids.
And she knows what bad fathers are..
My kids mom knows what bad fathers are too… And the fact that she can sit in a pool of crocodile tears pleading the wrongs I’ve committed on her is not only a travesty,but evil..
I used to be so sad and angry,feeling so alone. Weeping over the injustice and cruelty of it all.. Now I understand sadly,angrily how wrong I was,there are so many good Dads longing,striving to be there for their kids,just like me.
I’m not alone,I’m not guilty,I’m not giving up! If you’re like me you’d better not either. There can be no regret, no injustice greater than not standing up for the right to be our kids Dads.


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