They say time is relative. They say time is vast,but also fleeting.
There aren’t enough hours in a day,yet the day is dragging on and on.
Hours seem like minutes except when its the longer hour of your life.
In its confusion I’ve come to know all these and more aspects of time.
Give time time,time heals all wounds and in time things become clearer..
These concepts of time are less familiar. But at this time,with time,I’m coming to believe in them too.
The only I’ve been constantly reminded of is that in time,all good things must come to an end.
I generally feel that applies mostly to me. Summer vacations,visitations,feeling a calmness of self.
The joys of healthy relationships and right mindedness,orderly direction and optimism can be wrenched away with a phone call,a text or email,even the waiting in between for any or all of these can be mentally cruel.
As the time in between seems to stretch longer,the nervousness and anxiety remain.
Having to consciously try to stay in the moment can be a chore. And knowing that that’s what I’m doing makes me sad. Life is precious and wonderful. The people I hold close to me now give me nothing but love and support,I feel as of I disrespect them in my heart by being afraid our time will end. Something intangible on the horizon is lurking,menacing,awaiting a time to strike.
Perhaps the hands of time will point in the direction away from my fears.
Perhaps the sands of time will cease to cloud my vision.
And given time I’ll be able to trust that the Love I’ve found for all of time will embrace me until the end of time.