Hashing out details,house finances,custody schedule. The more you try to separate from each other,it seems,the more you interact,funny how that works when all you’ve wanted to do is get away. The ambiguous nature of it all.
It gets so hectic. The anger and resentments of rehashing all that went wrong.
Trying to keep a foothold of the old you,while trying to find the new you.
Attempting the maximum amount of mud at each other without getting your shoes dirty.
I’ve known people to cut and run,I’ve known people who’ve actually been able to compromise,
Rehashing the memories.
All the while the courts doling out their 2 cents.
As if when tomorrow comes they’ll even remember you were in the courtroom.. Like watching an over dramatized play.. People waving their arms frantically,jumping up&down,trying to exhume all the attention they’ve been deprived of the last waning years.
It’s absurd,but your task is to be a part of the spectacle..
Ever watchful of the expressions of the faces around,gauging reactions,hoping to see a glimmer of truth through all the lies.. Tears shed for effect or affect,wishing they had an aroma so people could smell the bull shit.
The mental twists,vaguely Hitchcockian,but lacking the heroic end.
But then,it hasn’t ended yet,not for us.
So we order up another helping of hash and rehash. With hope the buffet will be closing soon.