Independence Day

Ah,how do you spell independence? For me it’s spell checked so I’m covered. But for my kids it b-i-c-y-c-l-e.
My son started riding riding a 2wheeler 2 1/2 months ago. And he’s been going ever since.
For my daughter,well,she started today!
She got it her head,that today was the day. All I did was lower the seat,the rest was up to her. She made a choice to ride and followed through. It took just a couple practice pedals for her to find her comfort zone and she too was off.
How proud I am of my kids. Both of them have allowed me the pleasure of making our farm house the base of their maiden voyages. Strong wills and determination,perseverance and a desire for independence.
I love the lessons my kids teach me.
The grace and joy they carry with them through out their days lets me know,I cannot succeed if I don’t try.
Thank you God for these remarkable children.
And this glorious Independence Day.