Or the lack there of..
Staying patient or as close to it as you can. White knuckles on your fork,steering wheel,coffee cup.
You can sometimes see it coming,the loss of control,ha!
You know,the look on your child’s face.. You can almost see the words forming on their lips,and you can hear it before its even uttered..
Fart,Poop,Pee,Shut Up!
Yep,thankfully they can mostly stop at those. But when you react they know they have you.. You’re caught in their little prepubescent web.
And to them it’s hilarious.
And even to you it can be,especially when my 5 year old says it with his dropped Jersey “R’s”..
It’s hard to control sometimes,and impossible at others.
Trying to gauge the balance between letting them have as much fun as possible and maintaining discipline. It’s not always ice cream for breakfast when your not the custodial parent,but if they finish their breakfast.. Well..
But following through is critical. Be the Dad,they need that. Love doesn’t mean allowing undesirable behavior, it means being able to redirect it.
Respect,courtesy and patience that’s given without bartering is returned.
Bartering is the gateway to hell.
You can kiss your authority goodbye.
And good luck trying to get it back.