Peace has been my agenda,yes I have 1. It’s not about the Ex,honest..
I want to be my kids Dad,not just in biology alone. To influence,teach,nurture,compel& challenge.
To have my kids not be afraid to to love me or my new wife&step daughter.
Yes,I’m remarried to a remarkable woman!
And my kids love our wonderful blended family! We’ve had our struggles as what effects me effects us.
And I assure you our marriage did not sit well w/my kids Mom.
She has attempted to pull us apart from the beginning,encouraging the kids to be disrespectful and even use physical violence at times. My kids love their Mom,it’s not their fault she isn’t a good person. But it has been a valuable lesson for all of us.
My wife and I have the same ideas of parenting and love and relationships.
We’ve both had crappy marriages and have reached a certain maturity in our thinking.
We treat each other with kindness,love and respect. Of course,you say,that’s as it should be.. But for us it wasn’t. Neither of us has had what we do now,a partnership,communication,trust.
We make our decisions based on those factors and not on ego.
Ego and totalitarianism were the basic constructs of our former relationships.
And we both share a desire for peace.
We have and have had so much drama in our lives it’s hard to just be us. Family is a primary goal. Maintaining a healthy and happy environment in spite of all the world around us.
It may take some time and patience but peace is a reality we may well share.