Our trip to Cincinnati was fabulous. The kids are fantastic travelers,laughing,singing,chatter chatter. No are we there yets or I want I wants.. We mainly exist on the generosity of family,friends and even some strangers at times.
A large percent of my check goes to child support and the other to health insurance,that is stated in our divorce decree that I maintain.
Rents not paid for this month,and the fridge is pretty bare,but we have love and each other,I work close to 50 hours a week so I’m not a bum.. And having other obligations that keep me from getting a 2nd job,I,we bang on the best we can.
These are choices to be made,I’ve forgone personal ambition,ego and luxuries in order to be a better more present Father to my kids. I blame no one,I have few regrets, these are the years with my kids I can’t replace,if I don’t spend as much time with them as I can I’ll never get it back later. My family is worth it and more.
I received a glimmer today in the form of an email. My lawyer,in light of the tracking device,the yanked vacation and several more instances where their Mom has failed to meet her obligation to the Agreement,has threatened to file a motion to modify custody and suspend her visitation rights..
Perhaps it will all go for naught,but the die has been cast.. Finally..
A glimmer is more than a hint,and all I want is for there to be balance,justice and,(ego),validation. I’m a good Dad!
Perhaps 1 day just knowing that will be enough. And quite often it is,but it would be nice to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop…