Oh the tangled web

Over the last 4 years whether inadvertent or not,I’ve had to adopt a bend or break mentality. At first it was all break.. Resentment,anger,self-pity.
I was a wreck. I lived for the times the kids and I would be together. And as it happened more often than not,I’d be denied visitation. SNAP! Then spiral,spin,down down down.

Especially when after prolonged absences my kids,then 4&2 would call me Uncle Daddy and giggle. Ouch!
At the time I was living with family about 3 miles from my former marital residence where my kids still lived. It took some convincing for them to realize how close I was to them as they where more often than not told “I couldn’t see them because I was too far away”. A pretty flagrant lie considering she was acting on her own volition.
Tough existence to be sure,
For the lot of us.
But as the sands of time can bind,they can also liberate,our case for instance.Fickle though they remain, time itself has given us more time together.
As the kids grow the more they become aware of all the deceit,truth is not such a gray area even to children. And all the euphemisms and half truths become captured in a tangled web.