Negative press

Bah,legislation for Father’s Rights is a farce. Doesn’t exist, any one who says it does is a politician or a liar,wait,that’s redundant.
Lawyer get rich on the backs of Fathers.
Like smokers for a sin tax,you can’t do it without us,but when it’s all said and done we’re supposed to slink away
with not so much as a “by your leave”.
Too much negative press.
Gun owners get more acknowledgement than Dads.
Song writers always love Moms more,and most of them have penises(songwriters that is).
Even crazy dangerous moms are safer than the safest Dads. Wtf?
No legislation for us again this election. No new fairness bills in sight.
Got to keep our constituents happy!
Don’t want any negative press,besides,if the Fathers wanted more rights they should fight for them…
Say the lawyers and the powers that be. Deniability my friends,total deniability.
My kids call their Mom’s house,their Mom’s house,they call their Nana’s house,their Nana’s house,they call Our house,HOME.
Take that powers that be.
I get that not all Dads are like me,I also get not all Dads have the opportunity to be. Financially,spiritually,geographically,thelist goes on.
I have amazing support without whom none of this could be possible. We are truly blessed.
But that shouldn’t be an isolated case,money isn’t love. When dough the runs out for the lawyers&people who are only willing to support your cause because of it,the love doesn’t stop.
You hear all the time how Fathers are not in the picture.. By who’s choice? Or that people wish Fathers could be more present in their kids lives.. Again,who’s choice was that? No money,no love..
Please,pretty please,stop pissing on my leg and telling me its raining.
I hate deadbeat Dads too,they make our struggle that much harder,but ask yourself if a Dad has to 3 jobs,or loses his job,or just plain can’t afford to live a life style befitting the courts,is he really a deadbeat?
Again,don’t misunderstand some Dads just suck,suck,suck.
But just like the lady who drowned her own kids for attention(and was given sympathy because she doesn’t have a penis) or the woman who left her child to die in a car while she partied without consequence),and all the other Moms you don’t hear about due to negative press,and the fact that it would throw off the statistics,don’t pidgeonhole us Dads.
Gross assumptions and generalities,negative press…