Goodly children

We went to an ice cream social and concert Sunday.
Our first ever.
My 5yr old prefer vanilla,my 7yr old chocolate. They were out of chocolate. As the man was apologizing my girl smiles,waves her hand and says,vanilla’s fine,if you have chocolate syrup.. I’ve never seen her choose syrup as an alternative.
At the same function they were sitting on the steps to the municipal building playing Slide together,3 elderly folks(1 man&;2women) are heading up the the steps,the male begins raising his voice for the children to move as he felt they needed more room to walk up an 8 foot wide stairway. All 4 kids moved and my girl,looking this man in the eye,smiles and offers her shoulder to aid in supporting 1 of the women up the stairs,helps her through the door,then continues holding the door for man and his companion. She didn’t know I was even watching.
I have never not seen my children befriend,console,share,care for another child or animal. I have watched them accept changes in spite of reasons,I have seen them grow and respect nature and each other. I have watched them pick each other up in sadness and encourage each other through difficulties. I hear them laugh,giggle and sometimes even sing in their sleep.
I see their joy when we’re all together and feel their love as they grasp my hand,hug my neck,wrap themselves around my leg and try to get me to walk . I trust them to shave my face,and head,and they me to allow them.They can’t wait to help clean,organize,cook,any thing that’s of service to me or others.
They are the most Goodly children when we are together.
We often get stopped by folks to compliment then and their behavior.
I’m truly blessed to be My Kids Dad,they make me proud to be their Dad. And we remind each other that its ok to be scared as long as we stay strong,it’s ok to respect others even if we don’t agree,and when we are of service to others we get to feel that warmth deep in our souls that can’t be purchased.
My children teach me to try harder,because we can’t succeed if we don’t try.
We believe in teamwork and we believe in each other.
Goodly children are raised not bullied,Goodly children are nurtured not bribed and Goodly children lead by the same examples they’ve been taught. And Goodly children have a great capacity to love with gratitude and not expectations.
I love you my wonderful special children,thank you for the honor of being your Dad.
And thank you for teaching me as much as I try to instill in you.