More legalese

So the basic concept for legalese is a subtle form of sticking it to you. Custody agreements are supposed to be structured in a way to not let either party get exactly what they want.
In fact,I was told on many occasions that if neither party is happy,that’s a good agreement..
Ya,many times.
Now in my case I actually have a “good deal” because it entails weekly over nights instead of every other weekend and a Wednesday visit for a few hours(standard even though there’s no “standard”).
But in standard agreements,I’d get 1/2 of summer vacation,it’s taken 41/2 years to get 3 weeks nonconsecutive.
So they tell me I have a good deal.
But,there’s a lot of gray area.
For instance,she can yank my visitation as she pleases.
She can misinterpret the paperwork to meet her liking.
She can make baseless accusations and suffer no consequences.
She can impeach me and my family without sanction and speak to me in a condescending and highly inflammatory manner. The same tone she used when we where married.
So if neither of us is to be happy,but I get the short end as she goes laughing to the bank(proverbially and literally)
Then how is that a good deal?
How has the system met its obligation?
This last round of paperwork was to provide more balance and a give her less empowerment.. Still looking for the good deal.
But I bet another 15000$ in more legalese (legal fees) would insure the court met its obligation in making neither of us happy…
Yep,they’re right,feels like I’m getting screwed a good deal.