First and Last

From morning till night and all the time in between,there are 2 things I will never stop being..
My kids Dad and powerless over people places and things.
Powerless doesn’t mean helpless though.
Make no mistake.
When I wake up every morning I can fret and worry and obsess.
But as Billy Jack once said,”all the worrying in the world won’t change what happens tomorrow”,that makes me powerless,not helpless.
There are things that can run me ragged,the biggest one is me.. Letting go,carrying on,and loving what I have now-in the now.
I have so much to be grateful for today.
Due diligence.
Pity is a luxury.
Pain is subjective
Anger is counter productive.
And as I may suffer all of those at times
I understand they are but symptoms of fear.
So I stay as diligent as I can in the belief that;
I’m not the man I used to be
I’m not the man I’m going to be
And gratefully,I’m not the man I was.
Powerless does not equal helpless
With that knowledge I Get To be better,live better,love better,and be a better example to my kids as a Father.
And as a person.
Challenges come at us every day,all day. If you face them you can never be helpless.
If I face them,from morning till night,
I will always be able to look my kids in the eye and know,that I didn’t do nothing.
If I can face these challenges,I can make a difference to those I love&
And be My Kids Dad,first and last beyond a shadow of a doubt.