The reason lawyers practice law is because they can’t get it right.
There are currently 3 attorneys working on my case; hers,mine∧ a go between,listed as a parenting coordinator.. Sounds like a party planner,right?
Any way,this last month has been vacation time.
This is the first summer that we were to have 3 weeks,non consecutive, together.
Now,due to whatever perceived wrongs my kids Mom cancels our second week. Not just cancels,flagrantly disregards a court order!
Pick up’s at 6pm,I don’t find out she bailed until 6:30pm when I call the kids as they’re having ice cream in an undisclosed location. And they,the kids tell me “Mommy says we’re not coming”.
In a lather,but not entirely surprised,I start emailing her.
Of her own accord she chose to pull the plug.
That was 2 weeks ago. Neither I or my lawyer have yet to hear from the parenting coordinator.. And my lawyer has recently landed a big case leaving me and my kids to dangle..
But in the abridged words of my lawyer,the kids aren’t his client. So I guess it’s just me dangling..
Maybe 1 day they can stop practicing and start producing…


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