Good Boy

In Geauga County,there are very loose guide lines when it comes to visitation.
Which means,money talks…
Ya,money again. Fed by preconceived notions,bolstering,back room meetings,negotiations and time lost at work and with kids,as they can postpone visitation while all this goes on. Mean while,you pay,you wait and
you pray.
Every thing is connected out there.
If you dispute,you pack up and come back. If you still dispute then another professional is called in. For instance,a GAL,who in Geauga County is subject to a fee,and as a lawyer also it adds up.
Then if the GAL can’t make a decision,then another professional is called in,in our case a forensic psychologist.
Now these people hold your life in the balance,you are subject to their rule,whims,and opinions. And since you are now captive audience they get to pontificate,expound,and dazzle you with their knowledge and experience having only the most limited contact with you or your children. While charging you for the privilege.
And,if you have any issues,that they encourage you to express they tell you they know what’s best and to be a good boy. Don’t start trouble,don’t get upset as it’s a bad reflection on you as a father..
It was rare if at all my concerns were met with the same fervor as my kids Mom’s were. There was never a balance or regard to me or my family. When I pointed this out I was told that I was being uncooperative.
I would offer specific instances which in turn made me argumentative and good boys don’t argue..
Mean while the clock ticks away on the soon to be broke-o-meter.
And with all the due respect I can manage to their assistance in my cause to be a father to my kids,they would defer to the fact that they were in fact not the Judge and they were only able to make recommendations.
It was very difficult to be a good boy. But for the sake of my kids I rolled over,I bit my tongue,I breathed,I prayed,I paid,and when the kids and I were able to be together we played,shared,laughed loved and learned from each other as much as we could in the time we had. They taught me resilience,they showed me hope,they gave me strength. To my children I will be forever grateful.
I love you Rees kids!