To date there has been;
6 Attorneys
1 Forensic Psychologist
1 Parent Coordinator
1 Magistrate
That is a lot of Professionals.
I make 12.50$ p/hr..
My credit is shot.. Thank God for the generosity of family&friends..
Of course it could have all been avoided..
When their Mom told me she was filing for divorce our son was 6 months old and our daughter was 2 years old,it was Valentines Day.
She offered me a single typed page w/a signature line at the bottom.
It stated I could have everything in the house,she would not drag my family’s name through the mud and wouldn’t spend the eternity making my life a living Hell…
All I had to do was sign away all rights and hopes of ever being a Dad to our kids. Our kids that we had in wedlock after already being together for 10 years..
Needless to say, I never did or would have signed that “document”..
That was my first course in legalese.
I have had may lessons since then and still can’t seem to grasp it.