Ripple Effect

It’s amazing how divorce has such a broad ripple effect.
They just keep rolling.
Over our thoughts,relationships,ideas.
They roll into doubt,suspicion& confusion.
Our happiest times have an underlying dread,it’ll be over by 7,when is she going to pull a stunt and dangle the kids over my head?
The worst part is not being able to answer their questions. Hearing the heart breaking,”Can’t we stay a little longer?.. Do we really have to go now?.. But we just got here.. Are we going to see you tomorrow? Can We?!
… Can’t wait to see you!”,,
We used to sing”I’m so glad it’s Tuesday,” or “i can’t wait till Sunday!” Depending on what day of the week our visits fell on.
We finally had to stop singing those songs because their Mom could/ would cancel our visits at the drop of a hat,our hopes dashed,just like that. Ouch.
Fear,resentment,anger like a ton of bricks.
The Ripple effect..
I see it my kids faces,the love,the joy,the hurt& confusion..
The only words I can offer to them is,I love you,I will always love you,even when we’re not together.. I love you love all the time. And I will always be your Daddy.
Those words have had their own
Ripple Effect.



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